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 Serve American 

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 power of  software!

Our Ambition

Ambisdom develops smartphone APPs for female gamers in the U.S. Our products combine gaming and parenting to deal with the digital divide between the generation Y and their Millennium kids. First play, then get. 

By the end of 2019, Ambisdom will launch a game app for women dealing with their child’s phone addiction. More games are coming in 2020 and later. 

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Your Wisdom

Ambisdom produces a new type of matching puzzle game for woman with meaningful fun. The

matching puzzle game is female gamer's favorite. Woman prefers brain challenges. Males are more action oriented.


Woman gamers grow rapidly. They use their phones more than men. Women spend more on phone games, too. Ambisdom is committed to games for women, filled with fun and wisdom learning.  

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About US

Ambisdom is located in Tampa, Florida, which is a perfect place for fun and games. Founder Chih-Chao Li has 24 years experience as the Senior Director in Microsoft leading the sales, marketing and engineering division. Watching many families struggle, Mr. Li launched Ambisdom to combine the excitement of gaming, and the knowledge of parenting for young parents who are natural gamers. 

“iSaveKid” s a cell phone game aiming at cell phone addiction. This addiction has been a battleground between teenagers and their parents under one roof. Reducing children’s cell phone usage is difficult but important. iSaveKid is the revolutionary product to support mom and dad in dealing with kids’ phone addictions. It’s as simple as a playing a game and understanding the concept of cell phone addiction. 

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