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About US

Ambisdom was established in Tampa, Florida from 2018. Our founding members have over fifty years engineering experience in Microsoft.  Watching many small companies struggling in digital age, they launched Ambisdom to introduce a fast and easy web solutions for both desktop computer and mobile phone.  

Ambisdom utilizes conventional cloud solution. Customer will launch its website very quickly. Within days multiple functions can be introduced and executed. Ambisdom has many experiences in designing phone web. Our methodology will help customer building consistent experience no matter on computer or on phone. Easy, fast, and wholeness are keys. 

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Our Ambition

Ambisdom designs web with business sense. Other than marketing and PR, web site becomes the center of operation after covid. Ambisdom provides fast, easy and professional service for small companies.

In 2023 we double our sales from 2022 because of high demand from our customers. Digital transformation will be the top priority for small business. Ambisdom is here to help. 

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Your Wisdom

Small business must start digital operation quickly
The best case is serving customers as much as possible. Its challenge comes from lack of IT experience. A digital partner can make thing easier. 


Ambisdom understands the pain of a small business owner. Every penny and every second counts. We commit full energy in making your site right. Our digital tools like Small Biz BI (SBI) and Small Biz Data Analysis (SBDA) will monetize your wisdom with the speed of light. 

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